Supply Chain Patents: Why LaneAxis’ Stands Out

eBay Patent Drawing — “Room for one more passenger?”
  1. New — No one has done this before in the public arena. It is not just that there are no other patents, but it also cannot appear in any publication or be an invention that is already available.
  2. Useful — The patent has to do something. It must constitute an “inventive solution” for a legitimate use-case.
  3. Not Obvious — The patent cannot just take an invention that already exists and improve it in an obvious way.
A Patent focused on breaking free from brokers/3PLs
LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett discussing the LaneAxis Patent at a blockchain conference in Shanghai, China.

First Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Visit to learn more.

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First Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Visit to learn more.

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