Supply Chain Crunch: Why Operating Ports 24/7 is Still Problematic

Cargo ships waiting to unload at LA/Long Beach Ports on October 28, 2021 — (

Is Trucking to Blame? Yes and No.

Packed ports: hurry up and wait

A Direct Network Solution

“The trucks and the drivers are out there and available,” argues Rick Burnett, CEO & Founder of The LaneAxis Direct Freight Network. “The real problem is one of network visibility — or more specifically a lack thereof. U.S. trucks drive more than 20 billion empty miles every year. More than 450,000 new commercial driver’s licenses are issued every year. The conclusion is simple: there is plenty of trucking capacity out there, but no network visibility to find it, especially in a short time frame.”

Number of trucking companies in LaneAxis database — 82,000+ in California; 30,000+ near L.A./Long Beach



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