“Respect the Truck” Campaign

Trucks are an extension of the Trucker

Hello #LaneAxisNation,

We’ve said it many times: our mission to transform freight transportation is personal. Our CEO & Founder is a former partner in a trucking company. Our founding shareholders and advisors have deep roots in trucking and transportation.

Make no mistake: we aim for all-encompassing success — financial and otherwise — for the LaneAxis Direct Network.

But it is independent truckers/owner-operators who we truly want to elevate to new levels of success and well-being.

That is why we are launching a new initiative called “Respect the Truck.”

Independent Drivers see their trucks as an extension of themselves. Their trucks are second homes — especially for long haul drivers. They sleep there, they eat there, sometimes for weeks at a time. A cab and full trailer represents a source of pride and protection for drivers. Mess with their truck — you mess with them. When you respect the truck — you respect the Trucker.

We will start rolling out specific benefits of the “Respect the Truck” program in the coming weeks. But high on the list of goals for this initiative is Driver Wellness.

Health & Wealth — Attainable Goals for Drivers?

Of course being a long haul driver is a nomadic lifestyle often requiring weeks away from home. Drivers have to battle brokers and a broken system to earn a fair paycheck — something the LaneAxis Direct Network is working in earnest to fix.

Drivers must also battle grueling challenges on the road, and the toll it takes on their well-being.

From finding parking to powering through tiredness/exhaustion to reach a destination before “Running out of Hours” — Drivers are constantly battling mental and physical fatigue, which leads to a litany of bad health outcomes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), truck drivers are categorically one of the unhealthiest populations in our country. The average life expectancy of long haul drivers is just 61 years old. The current life expectancy for all U.S. males is 75.1 years. For females, it is 80.5 years. That is a horrifying statistic.

Additionally, the CDC estimates:

· More than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese, compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent.

· Compared to the general population, the prevalence of diabetes in Truckers is 50 percent higher.

· 87 percent of truck drivers have hypertension or pre-hypertension, compared to the national average of 58.3 percent.

LaneAxis Wants to Improve Driver’s Lives — in Multiple Ways

Drivers have been maligned and mistreated for far too long. LaneAxis wants to put more money in their pockets, give them more time at home, and help them get healthier.

As part of our “Respect the Truck” initiative, we’ll be turning to one of our founding shareholders, Carl “Coach” Hargrave — who will help us launch the “Truckercize” program.

Carl “Coach” Hargrave | LaneAxis Shareholder and Former NFL Coach

Coach Carl was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1976. He eventually transitioned into coaching, first as an assistant at the major college level for 18 years, then as an assistant in the NFL for 11 years. Forging a lifelong relationship with legendary Head Coach Dennis Green, Coach Carl served as an assistant under coach Green with the Minnesota Vikings from 1994–2001, then worked again under Green with the Arizona Cardinals from 2004–2006.

Carl is also lifelong friends with LaneAxis CEO & Founder Rick Burnett. Oh, and Carl’s brother is a truck driver — so it’s personal for him too. Coach Carl has a passion for health and wellness, and he will bring that passion and experience to helping all Truckers in the LaneAxis Network improve their lives by improving their health. Stay tuned for more details on the “Truckercize” program.

A Chance to Express “Respect the Truck” Pride

As mentioned in a recent community update, LaneAxis has established its own online store, which you can visit here: https://laneaxislabel.com/.

We will soon be offering “Respect the Truck” t-shirts and hats — which you can preorder now! Available in a variety of different styles, we hope our Network Drivers will wear this gear as a sign of pride in what they do and what their truck represents. Here’s a sneak peek at the designs that will soon be available for purchase.



Again, you can preorder your “Respect the Truck” gear now by visiting https://laneaxislabel.com/. Enter Promo Code “RESPECT” (all caps) to earn 10% off your entire order.

We’ll introduce more facets of the “Respect the Truck” initiative in the near future.

Thanks again for your support #LaneAxisNation.

Don’t forget, we’re down to the final few weeks of our StartEngine campaign — June 30 we shut down. If you haven’t already, visit our campaign page to become a LaneAxis Shareholder and help improve the entire supply chain — including improving the lives of hard-working independent truckers.

If you’re a Trucker or Carrier you can join the LaneAxis Shipper-Direct Freight Network for free! Visit www.laneaxis.com and click “Activate Carrier Account” to get started. All you need is a valid DOT number to get rolling — and it costs you nothing!


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