LaneAxis Surpasses $4.7 Million in Equity Crowdfund; Rick Burnett Lively Q&A with Supporters

LaneAxis continues its march to closing out its StartEngine crowdfund campaign. Today the investment tally crossed the $4.7 million mark. Investors have contributed more than $200,000 over the past seven days alone. The current campaign now boasts over 4,300 investors. LaneAxis can raise up to $4.94 million in its current campaign per SEC Regulation Crowdfund (Reg CF) rules. The equity fundraise is scheduled to end August 31, 2021, or until the fundraising cap is reached — whichever happens first.

LaneAxis Webinar | Rick Burnett Q&A

We had a great turnout for Thursday’s Live Webinar & System Demo.

Rather than present the actual system demo — which can be requested via our home website — we’re presenting you today with the Q&A session on the back half hour of our presentation.

LaneAxis CEO Rick Burnett passionately hit on some major points that clearly resonated with our demo attendees.

Key Topics Rick Addressed:

  • Our “competition”
  • Who benefits most from the platform
  • Where we’ve been and where we’re going
  • How shareholders can propel us forward
  • The true meaning of a “Direct Model” — and why LaneAxis is the only company doing it

Here’s a sampling of comments received from webinar attendees following the virtual event:

“Thank you. Continue the great work. This has been very informative and I really like the interface. Would love to help spread the word.” -Ivan

“Great response Rick! I love this program and what it represents. I’m really beginning to understand what the “direct network” means and represents! Its really mindblowing! I may be heading back to make a 5th investment… lol” -Shane

“RICK Relax, take a couple of days rest — — go deep sea fishing. Catalina maybe. Company is going to be GIANT!” -Jack

Based on the webinar analytics, our audience was engaged throughout (i.e. webinar browsers were front and center nearly 100% of the time).

We’re confident we can close out our StartEngine campaign soon — and with your continued help and enthusiasm we can do it.

Visit to invest now and stake your claim in LaneAxis!



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