LaneAxis Locks up 80% of its Total AXIS Token Supply on Smart Contracts

Company highlighting commitment to price stability and supply control

LaneAxis, Inc., the industry’s first blockchain-powered Direct Freight Network, has locked up 80% of its total AXIS Token supply on smart contracts. This is important for the company and its token holders, as this step assures the community that LaneAxis is tightly managing the token supply by ensuring a degree of scarcity in the open market to help maintain price stability.

AXIS Token, International, a subsidiary of LaneAxis, Inc., minted and deployed 1.5 billion AXIS tokens in 2019.

LaneAxis has designated five different token categories that will be locked within the smart contract:

1. Team — 10%
2. Marketing — 7.5%
3. Network — 30%
4. Reserve — 25%
5. Staking Rewards — 7.5%

The accompanying graphic breaks down the distribution and release schedule of the four primary lockup pools as well as the staking rewards pool.

AXIS Token Lockup Schedule

Locking 80% of its total supply guarantees that these tokens will not be able to be traded or transacted. This preemptive strategy helps ensure that the token holds a stable long term value. The locked tokens will be released over the span of six years at an accumulated percentage every year.

Holders of the AXIS token can stake their tokens for a set period of time in order to realize yields from their investment. The remaining 20% will be liquid tokens available for users to trade with and utilize on the platform.

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LaneAxis, powered by the AXIS token built on the Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, holds numerous strong use cases related to shipment management and information services. For load level data and real-time shipping information, the AXIS token has real-world value in the trucking and logistics industry. It is also used in the real-world economy by supplying industry data to interested third parties, such as insurance firms or research companies. Unfiltered, quantifiable and immutable industry-wide data simply does not exist in a large scale today. LaneAxis is positioning itself as the go-to source for this critical business intelligence.

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