LaneAxis begins live trading of AXIS Token on ProBit Today!

LaneAxis is a blockchain-powered platform that optimizes the freight transportation industry by eliminating intermediaries and optimizing the entire process. The freight industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is an integral part of the economy. However, the industry is rigged with loopholes and inefficiencies that brokers exploit to their advantage.

LaneAxis removes freight brokers and offers a blockchain-powered solution that directly links shippers and carriers using smart contracts. AXIS Token is a multi-purpose utility token fueling the LaneAxis Network. AXIS Tokens represent the network’s digital assets, which will be utilized for — among other things — building network connections, accessing network data, managing and monitoring real time shipments and milestones, establishing data-backed driver and carrier performance scores and risk assessment scores, and generating critical KPIs such as average loading and unloading times at shipping docks.

LaneAxis takes a step forward by beginning live trading of AXIS tokens on ProBit on June 30th. ProBit, one of the largest and most popular crypto asset exchanges, is the debut platform for the AXIS token. Token trading is a big step for LaneAxis and will open new use cases for the token holders.

“This is a major milestone in our evolution as a transportation data giant,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO.

“The AXIS Utility Token is the ‘magic key’ that will unlock access to an unprecedented wealth of industry and load-level data, as well as other ancillary services. We’re thrilled to be making our debut on ProBit, one of the globe’s most trusted centralized exchanges.”

Why ProBit?

ProBit is the 23rd largest crypto exchange ranked according to daily trading volume by CoinMarketCap. It has surpassed a daily trading volume of $250 Million with weekly traffic of over 500,000 users. Unlike several crypto exchanges, ProBit prides itself on listing only potential-rich and deserving blockchain projects, LaneAxis being one of them.

ProBit is an ideal debut platform for AXIS tokens as it is capable of handling over 1.5 million transactions per second. It also has a user-friendly and customizable interface which will help the large non-tech-friendly community of LaneAxis. Also, the crypto exchange is a secure platform that offers hardware security keys besides 2-Factor Authentication.

However, listing on ProBit is just the first of many listings to come. As LaneAxis ecosystems grow, so will its use cases and accessibility.

Use Cases for the AXIS Token

Listing on ProBit will open up new use cases for the token holders and the LaneAxis community. Here is a quick overview:

Shipment Tracking

One of the biggest drawbacks of the existing freight industry is that shipments cannot be tracked. However, using the FreightVISION app by LaneAxis, shippers can get the real-time location of their shipment. The app also registers information such as driver’s performance, loading and unloading time, etc. and sends it to the shipment management portal, assigning a score to the driver. Shippers can refer to this score to choose the driver according to their preference.

Information Service

LaneAxis has a well-kept database of drivers, shippers, carriers, third parties such as insurance companies, etc., that can be purchased by any party using the AXIS token. This information includes waiting times at destination points, detention time data and statistical reports for advertising companies, along all types of various industries tied to the transportation/supply chain.

Other Services

As the staking goes live, users will be able to lock AXIS tokens in a smart contract and earn APY on the amount staked.


LaneAxis has been making great strides. LaneAxis’ partner, PixelPlex has assisted in integrating the tokenized blockchain platform with the legacy LaneAxis SaaS network. LaneAxis achieves a great milestone with the listing on ProBit.

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