Intellectual Capital: LaneAxis Adds Two Supply Chain Vets to Staff

Raising financial capital is obviously critical to the success of any company.

Continually increasing a company’s intellectual capital is just as crucial — perhaps more so.

It is in this spirit we are thrilled to welcome two substantial additions to the LaneAxis team: Kevin Cronin and Robert Moorhead.

Kevin and Robert will be joining LaneAxis as senior members of our Shipper Outreach/Relations and Lead Generation Teams. Kevin and Robert will also work with our established sales team based out of Detroit, Michigan.

We think you’ll agree, LaneAxis is fortunate to have landed such exceptional talent.

Kevin Cronin — Boasting a Master’s Degree in Global Supply Chain Management from the University of Southern California and a separate Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University, Kevin brings multiple core (and critical) competencies to the table including:

· Freight/supply chain management

· Certified blockchain expertise

· Decentralized finance (Defi)

· Expedite, escalate, resolve and communicate operational issues

· Measure and report carrier key performance indicators to ensure quality logistics performance, timely transit, and service in operations

· Determine best domestic transportation routing

· Develop and maintain relationships with service providers to enable selection of the optimal balance of services and costs

Kevin spent 12 years as a Logistics Agent/Manager for a top Logistics Company based on the U.S. east coast, with a focus on managing Full Truckload (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) movements for high-level clients on an operational level. Kevin was intricately involved in business development, negotiating carrier rates, and meeting with shipping providers regularly to discuss performance metrics, provide feedback, and discuss forecasts or changes in processes.

Says Kevin:

“I have a passion for creating solutions to challenges arising in the realm of supply chain and logistics management, and managing projects. With a well-rounded theoretical knowledge base consisting of advanced degrees in Business and Global Supply Chain Management, I place an emphasis on always learning and continuing to improve. I love LaneAxis’ passion, innovation, and attitude! I FULLY support your objectives.”

Robert Moorhead — Robert is another supply chain “All Star” with the resume, drive and perspective to justify such a moniker.

Launching his supply chain journey with a degree in computer science from Georgia Southern University, Robert’s career began on the technical side as a Systems Analyst for corporate giant General Electric at their Simulation & Control Systems Division. After working as a Systems Analyst on tank simulation software for the U.S. Army in Europe, he was promoted to project lead on the Inventory and Parts Tracking system which was developed to track and maintain parts for all installed simulators within European bases.

After leaving GE, Robert had the opportunity to work for some of the leading companies in the Supply Chain Management (SCM), Quality Management, and manufacturing industries including Manugistics, Rightworks, and Sparta Systems. While at Sparta Robert was promoted into the Product Marketing role to help migrate their Pharma-focused solution over to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Robert’s hands-on experience:

· Consumer goods

· Automobile

· Discreet Manufacturing

· Warehouse Management

· Transportation Management

· Pharmaceuticals

· Digital Architect

· Data Warehouse

· eCommerce,


Says Robert:

“I believe what LaneAxis is doing is a great strategy to disrupt a very stagnant business model within the shipping industry — especially since you are addressing multi-modal transportation. For me, my drive has always been about the challenge. I believe that the experiences I have had in different industries along with the roles I have taken on provide me with a multitude of skillsets that allow me to approach solution or product solving from multiple angles.”

#LaneAxisNation, please join us in welcoming Kevin and Robert to the LaneAxis Team.

The addition of these two fine professionals is just as critical to the success of LaneAxis as every technological or system advancement we regularly announce. Groundbreaking technology is nothing without exceptional talent to implement, promote, and maximize its effectiveness.

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