Clearing the Air: How LaneAxis Will Help Freight Transportation Reduce its Carbon Footprint

Trucking’s Twin Priorities: Reduce Emissions; Reduce Empty Miles
  1. Using the appropriate sized carrier to accommodate the load — not only does this reduce greenhouse gas emissions; it is more cost efficient.
  2. Utilizing lightweight trucks whenever possible equates to better fuel efficiency and fewer trips.
  3. Fleet owners are continually improving logistics, offering driver training, and using GPS systems to optimize routes.
  4. Many trucks are now equipped with things like low-rolling-resistance tires, lightweight aerodynamic body styles, and fuel-efficient drivetrains.
  5. The use of electric idle reduction devices reduces emissions.
  6. Alternative fuels such as biofuels, hydrogen and natural gas are also being used.
LaneAxis will identify Carriers with Electric Trucks and display charging stations along their route

First Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Visit to learn more.

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First Brokerless Direct Freight Network. Visit to learn more.

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