Changing the Mindset of Shippers in 2022

The supply chain reaches a “reckoning” says LaneAxis Sales Chief

The supply chain crisis that’s now approaching its third year is showing some signs of improvement — but there’s a long way to go before domestic and global freight movements return to any sign of “normalcy” — if ever. Frankly, the old “normal” should not be revisited. The direct, transparent network model of tendering freight is the long-term solution to the supply chain chaos we’ve all endured.

In this roughly five minute video, we sit down with Robert Moorhead, Director of Shipping Marketing & Sales for LaneAxis, to discuss the ongoing trends and troubles of the freight transportation sector — and how LaneAxis is making inroads in educating Shippers and Carriers alike about the transformational nature of our solution. It’s an engaging and informative discussion we think you’ll enjoy:

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